So the name is Kameron but I go online by Roadsinlife or Roads. I'm 22 and study History and Computer Science at North Carolina A&T. I'm a huge gamer, nerd , and overall kid at heart. Some stuff might be NSFW but I could care less. I love gundam or any other mechas, pokemon, cyberpunk, Things that may out things I care about so I might go off on a rant about civil and human rights from time to time. a appear here are music, games, cars, watches, stupid crap from around the internet, and other assorted randomness. I'm always looking for new friends and be don't be afraid to ask me anything because I'm pretty much an open book. I'm 6'6 265 but don't be intimidated by my size I'm a big teddy bear most of the time.

Steamid: roadsinlife
PSN: roadsinlife


I’ve been working out this entire winter and its paying off.  I don’t want to get skinny or anything I just felt like doing this. I love being the big guy.

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